There are many myths/legends that are a part and in Kennard. Some are real, and some are myths. Here are most of the myths. Next to the title, there will be a rank of whether I think they're real or not. The rank will go: Not True, Possibly, Most likely, or Real.

Alligators- PossiblyEdit

There have been rumors and few reports of seeing alligators in and around the Kennard Creek. This is very possible, but the alligators couldn't be too big. I've never seen an alligator in the creek, but I'll keep looking.

Weird Screams- PossiblyEdit

There have been quite a few reports of screaming in the middle of the night in Kennard, especially around the populated areas. This is not reported very often, but when it is reported it's loud and bloodcurling screams.

Buried Cars/Objects- RealEdit

There have been cars buried down at the edge of the Kennard Creek. This is a factual myth because of the people who buried the cars admitted they took thier rusty and crappy cars and dug a huge hole and pushed them in the holes down at the rivine. This mostly happened in the 40's, 50's and the 60's. People also took their shotty goods and tossed them down in the creek. My great-grandma did that in the early 50's when she was moving to a different house in Kennard.

Mysterious Horse Tracks- Most LikelyEdit

There are mysterious horse tracks down on the way to the Kennard Creek and can also be spotted down by the Kennard Cornfields. It is most likely that a stray horse is trotting down by the creek to get water by the stream, but my G-ma thinks that Susy Ragism, a townsperson, has been riding her horse out near the creek.

Telephone Booth- Not TrueEdit

There was rumored to have been a telephone booth behind the old Kennard store, called Barry's Grocery Store. This myth is absolutely not true, for I looked and went metal detecting around it.

Figures In Cemetary- Most LikelyEdit

One very cool and possible myth was that people can see ghosts and odd figures at the Kennard Cemetary when walking past. My G-ma's friend who lives near the cemetary is the one who came up with this, she claimed she saw something transparent walking around her house at night

UFO/Flying Disc- Not TrueEdit

There is rumored to always be a floating disc around Kennard at night, but there never is.

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