Are rumored to be happening at vacant places during the night, such as at the Kennard Cornfields and at the Kennard Creek. Hardly anybody in Kennard believes it, but a few believe that they are real. They say that they do exist and they may have whitnessed it. I don't know how people could even be lurking around the creek at night let alone day. Espescially Devil worshippers. But towards the end, I'll tell you a interesting story. When I went down there at the creek, there was no sign of Devil worshippers except a pile of smoking wood which I know wasn't there during the day. The other explanation was that someone had a campout down there, but I don't see the logic in that. I know that it could absolutely not happen at the Kennard Cornfields. That is my G-ma and G-pa's property. Here's a very strange story that is real and that happened to me and my G-ma. Here it Goes: My G-ma and I wanted to spend the night near the Kennard Creek for a night to see if it is real because of the odd distant noises she had been hearing. It was a humid Summer night and we wanted to know about it. We found a small ditch in the creek. We were so relaxed in the rivine that we began to fall asleep. Even though we didn't invite the cat down, she managed somehow to find us. She trotted over 3 miles to get to us. We had 2 lawnchairs and a big blanket in case it got cold at night. It was about 11:00 p.m. and we began to hear a noise. My G-ma and I had seen the Bailey's ears perk up. She got off of my lap and began to wander around. Within 3 minutes, the sound was beginning to get louder, but it was still pretty faint. My G-ma and I were still skepical, for sometimes the RNA and her will have camp-outs around Kennard. We began to spot a distant light. I had my weather radio with me, and the flashlight on it wasn't on. The whole night we didn't hear anymore sounds. Bailey's ears still perked up once in a while.


  • It is possible that the RNA had a camp-out the night I went down there
  • We did see alot of bones down there